Jolo's Kitchen

Juice bar & vegan cafe offering mock meats, Caribbean dishes & more in a modest, compact space.


Chef Jolo, a naive of Haiti who moved to New York at 14, says it was his vision to create a casual, affordable, music- and art-filled space to share his cuisine and his love of natural living, particularly the Rastafarian way of life.

His restaurant follows Rastafarian dietary guidelines, which emphasize fresh vegetables, plant-based proteins and natural plant-based ingredients. Diners can choose from a constantly changing buffet or select from the menu, which includes popular made-to-order entrees like Vegan-Ribz, the Portobello mushroom in coconut sauce, or sautéed kale.

Jolo's kitchen is open 11:30 AM - 8 PM on weekdays and 1 PM - 8 PM on weekends.


Veggie "Ribz"


A Jolo's bestseller ! Vegan soy based "ribz" served with a sweet savory sauce.

Vegan patties


Jolo's famous patties with a variety of fillings. (Spinach, Yellow Split Pea or Chickpea & Potato)

Vegan burgers


Served with vegan mayo, lettuce, tomato, onions, and cucumbers.



Ginger "vegan" chicken

Vegan soy based "chicken" and broccoli prepared with ginger slices and sauce.


Jerk Falafel

Hot and spicy jerk seasoned falafel balls.


Curry Stew

Curry spiced gravy with meaty vegan beef and potatoes.


Portobello Mushroom Steaks

Hearty Portobello Mushrooms cooked in a creamy coconut sauce



Garlic Marinated Kale Salad

Leafy kale and veggies marinated with our special garlic seasoning


Grilled Vegan “Chicken” Salad

Perfectly seasoned vegan protein on a bed of assorted greens and veggies


Avacado Salad

Leafy greens and veggies with fresh sliced avacado


Hummus Salad

A perfect mix of raw veggies with a healthy amount of tasty hummus



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